DivestiX Capital

Is an innovative and modern association, an organization that connects several companies with different fields of activity into a strong single whole. The strength of the group lies precisely in the synergy that arises from the interaction and cooperation of different companies. Such a conspicuous combination gives security and great added value to each of us and to the group on a whole.

DivestiX Capital companies include DivestiX Brokerage. This is a company created by people who have closely been involved in trading on a long-standing basis. Thanks to that, we have a clear vision and understanding of the situation in the trading world. Our sense of decency and strong values do not allow us to engage in market manipulation. We always act fairly and honestly, and that makes us an extremely trader-friendly company.

DivestiX Capital has another superb product – DiveX Pay. This is a truly modern payment system. DiveX Pay allows our customer to keep their earned money securely in a bank account, have a bank card that can be used to pay in stores, withdraw cash from an ATM, etc.

Whether you are interested in using one of our services or combining several of them, it is certain that we will help you to greatly improve your financial situation.

Is a company directly involved in trading and raising money in the global economic market. We have created the best conditions, the most favourable commissions for our customers, resulting from our long-term experience, so that our customers could feel safe and comfortable. DivestiX Brokerage is an extremely supportive and knowledgeable trader-friendly company. We provide the fastest connection to the real market. Interesting and innovative is our so-called ‘Invite-Friend’ program that creates a valuable additional bonus for our customers, for each friend who joins and for their transactions. DivestiX Brokerage only allows itself to behave correctly, we do the correct payouts and have great respect for each customer. Of course, we offer comprehensive and high-quality customer support 24/7 to everyone who is interested in our service. We offer our service to both private and business customers and stay a loyal, reliable, and professional partner. DivestiX Brokerage makes your dreams come true with great joy and respect to your needs.

Is an extremely large-scale new generation payment instrument. It is a unique and modern online banking system. We are not limited by regional forms or borders. All the necessary banking operations are simple and easy, available from anywhere and at any time. Everything works without queuing in a bank. We offer all payment options, bank account, transfer, bank cards with the variety of functions and so on and so forth. We take care of your money safely, securely and with great respect. We keep up with the times and offer you the best and safest opportunities.