Boris Johnson Announces Urban Renewal Plans In UK Regions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced a series of £ 830 million (US $ 1.2 billion) regional urban renewal projects as part of his pledge to regionally align the country's economy.

Johnson, who won the 2019 election largely thanks to voters in underprivileged regions of Britain and faced pressure from nationalists in Scotland and Northern Ireland, also announced that more than 3,000 Home and Business jobs will move to Stoke-on-Trent in central England. , Edinburgh and Belfast by 2025. “As the country gets back on its feet, the government is reaffirming its commitment to raising the level and solving the problems that really matter to the people», - Johnson said in a statement.

Projects to raise public funds include a new cinema and food hall in the northern fishing port of Grimsby, a new performance venue in Taunton in the west of England, and the conversion of retail space to offices and hospitality facilities in Sutton in Ashfield in the north. England.

An additional £ 10 million will be spent on improving teaching conditions in four regional municipal schools, and the program to support and assist disadvantaged young people will be expanded by £ 18 million.

According to a government report last year, the gap in economic productivity between London and the rest of the United Kingdom was as wide as it was in 1901.

The Resolution Foundation think tank said on Tuesday that the UK had no plan to tackle the impact of Brexit, climate change, the impact of the COVID pandemic and other issues that could weaken and bring its economic performance to levels closer to those of Italy than Germany. in the 2020s.

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